What kind of server is this?

Isotopia is a gaming community hosting a survival server with a twist (also known as semi-vanilla). What makes this server unique is the fact that we have two different worlds the players can traverse between. Not to mention our unique Discord bots and role system. The server is hosted 24/7 in a datacenter in Canada.

How do I get started?

Click on Multiplayer and Add server, enter the IP play.isotopia.xyz and click on Done. Now click connect and you will join the server.

Once in-game you will spawn in the Wilderness world (spawn). You are not allowed to build in spawn until you’ve played for 12 hours. To get started on your survival adventure type /rtp to teleport to a random location. Don’t forget to /sethome 1 so if you die you can do /home 1 to teleport back home.

What are the worlds?

This is where all new players should start to build their first base in. Big mob farms and complex redstone contraptions are banned here to make sure the world isn’t lagging. This is also where the districts are found.

This world is dedicated to all technical players and for gathering resources. In this world you can /setfarm 1 and /farm 1 to create a spawn point for your mob farm and complex redstone contraptions. To get to this world do /resource. It is also recommended to build far away from spawn so before starting a project in this world consider doing /rtp.

How do I get a role on Discord/rank in-game?

First thing you need to do is to type !link in #bot-commands on Discord. You will then get a direct message from the Isotopia bot with a message containing a command that you need to run in-game (something like /link fd65b84e-e429-497c-ac70-2a371d6c6161). Execute the command in-game and your account is linked. To get the first rank do !nomad in #bot-commands. For a list of roles/ranks see #roles and #professions on the Discord.

What plugins does the server have?

See #technicalities on Discord.