Event Screenshots

Killing the Two Dragons

As promised the gates of the end dimension will open up for both our worlds, as the first event on Season 2 of Isotopia.



Treasure Hunt: Dungeon Edition

Players will cooperate to find treasures deep down in dungeons in the sixth server event. The dungeons will be guarded by enemies and traps but the reward will be worth it as there will be lots of chests in the dungeon with loot for all players participating.

Iron Wars

The fifth event on Isotopia will be hosted by botboy434 as players face each other in a free for all PVP arena made out of iron blocks. Stacks of iron blocks are promised to be rewarded as the winners are announced.

Trident Wars

The fourth event on the server will be a player hosted event by the player Kuunavang5. Eight players will be able to compete against each other per round in a trident PvP with gear provided at the event. This means there is no need to bring any own gear.

Treasure Hunt

To celebrate that the server is one month old we’re hosting a treasure hunt event. Great treasures will be found burried under ground at the great Treasure Island. Players will be provided with gear.

Ice Boat Race

The 2nd server event will be on ice as we will race around a track built on packed ice with boats. The track is currently being constructed in creative mode and worldedit. So expect both a slippery and spectacular race!
The event will take place on Saturday May 23rd, a countdown can be seen below:

Ender Dragon Fight

The 1st server event we’re planning is to team up and kill the Ender Dragon next Friday on May 8th, 2020. The exact time of the event will depend on when players will be online, but it would most likely be at noon for the US players and during the evening/night for EU and Eastern players. So sharpen your swords and get ready for a thrill!